Carly Stasko, Imagitator (one who agitates imagination)

Turbo Chicks: Talking Young Feminisms

Turbo Chicks: Talking Young Feminisms

Edited by: Lara Karaian, Allyson Mitchell, Lisa B. Rundle
Sumach Press, 2001

Chapter 6:
“Action Girls in the Dream Machine”
by: Carly Stasko

Turbo Chicks is an energetic collection of prose, poetry, theoretical explorations, zines and photo essays. The contributors come from all walks of life, different ages and experiences, sexual orientations, social and cultural backgrounds. Together their pieces build a conversation that is vital to hear. They present issues that feminists struggle with everywhere: how to put convictions into practice, how to talk about race, class, education, ability, sexuality and the privileging of voice. Each contributor identifies ten people who have influenced her and provides her own definition of feminism that broadens the dialogue.