Carly Stasko, Imagitator (one who agitates imagination)


  • Reunions (a story by my mom Catherine Stasko)

    Reunions (a story by my mom Catherine Stasko)

    Cathy’s story on the CBC radio Definitely Not the Opera (DNTO) March 2012 Cathy Stasko grew up knowing that she was adopted. At one point, about 30 years ago, after Cathy had a daughter of her own, she set out to look for her birth mom. An agency tracked her down… and told Cathy that her […]

  • Tears of Joy in Calculus Class

    Tears of Joy in Calculus Class

    Carly Stasko once laughed so hard she cried… and improved her calculus grade. She’ll tell us about the secret power of tears. Maybe it’s from sadness, or joy, or just because that dog food commercial is really moving. What makes you cry… and what are you saying through your tears?

  • Moving


    It’s hard enough moving yourself. But what if you’re unable to do your own packing and moving – and you have to let someone else do it? Carly Stasko will tell us how being moved by others moved her. DNTO has kicked off a new season with a very “moving” episode of DNTO, as we […]

  • Superhero Rescue

    Superhero Rescue

    Years ago, Carly Stasko  wrote an essay on how to be your own superhero for a feminist book anthology. And when Carly went on the book tour, she brought a big tickle-trunk of costumes and gave superhero makeovers to people in each city. Years later, Carly found another way to put her costume to good […]

  • Sacrifice (aka “No Kissing Allowed”)- excerpt from DNTO on CBC radio

    Sacrifice (aka “No Kissing Allowed”)- excerpt from DNTO on CBC radio

      So you’ve just started dating someone very special…. and then your doctor tells you you’re going to have to give up kissing for the next several months. Carly Stasko will tell us why that’s not such a bad thing.If you’d like to hear the entire episode visit the DNTO website here or download the […]

  • On the Phone

    On the Phone

    Carly Stasko was being treated for cancer she had no idea that a phone message would be an integral part of her cure. She’ll tell us her story. Does the telephone dial in to the “real” you? In this encore presentation of Your DNTO, we look at our best stories (and yours) of using the […]

  • Human Library

    Human Library

    Carly Stasko found an interesting way to have conversations with people – she became a “book” as part of the Human Library Project. But it was when she became a “borrower” of another “human book” that she had the conversation that really stayed with her.

  • Ring That Bell – Outfront, CBC radio one 2006

    Ring That Bell – Outfront, CBC radio one 2006

    Carly Stasko has a small recording device she wears around her neck.She takes it with her everywhere, including to her many hospital visitsand chemotherapy treatments. Carly was diagnosed with cancer at 27. Sheis dealing with it by keeping an audio diary. Hear her story in “RingThat Bell” on Outfront, on CBC Radio One.