Carly Stasko, Imagitator (one who agitates imagination)


  • “Game On, Or Game Over? How to be a Policy Player”

    “Game On, Or Game Over? How to be a Policy Player”

    Game On, Or Game Over? How to be a Policy Player. Play is fun and it’s not just for little kids. It’s how we learn and explore and experiment. I’ve been interested in play since my undergraduate thesis about creative forms of resistance against corporate advertising. I read books like “Playing the Future” by Douglas […]

  • I Heart Democracy

    I Heart Democracy

    Are you just flirting with democracy, already head over-heels, or heart-broken by our political process? Whatever your status, this event was a chance to rekindle our relationships with democracy. Details: Activist Dave Meslin explored themes of political participation and democratic renewal and asked: How can we increase citizen participation in local democracy? This was a […]

  • Storyweavers Student Podcast Team

    Storyweavers Student Podcast Team

    In 2016…..I helped establish…… The Storyweavers Student Podcast team was…. To hear more episode please click here

  • Dream Job Academy

    Dream Job Academy

    The Dream Job Academy is an award winning community arts engaged workshop series that I developed in partnership with The Center for Career Exploration & Education and which has continued to be offered every year since the first pilot I ran in 2014. Here is a journal essay I wrote about the program.

  • Culture Jamming

    Culture Jamming

    “Culture jamming, a tactic used by many consumer social movements, is a mechanism in which an activist attempts to disrupt or subvert mainstream cultural institutions or corporate advertising. Culture jamming is often seen as a form of subvertising. Many culture jams are simply aimed at exposing questionable political assumptions behind commercial culture so that people […]